About Me

My favorite movie, While You Were Sleeping.

Hello, everyone! My pen name is Adelina Peterson, but my friends usually call me Alice, because my real name is very similar to Alice. I am a proud fanfiction writer (although I only write during sudden bursts of inspiration... it's something though!). I'm a senior in high school (seventeen years old... although my b-day is in September), and my star sign is Virgo! After high school, I hope hope hope I get into UCSD so I can go to school in LA JOLLA!! (which is the title of Seiichiro Kuribayashi's first solo album... and it's only NEAR La Jolla). My favorite artists are, of course, Seiichiro Kuribayashi, The Bangles, Zard, Debbie Gibson, Lea Salonga, and Taylor Swift. My top 3 favorite movies are Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and While You Were Sleeping. As you can see, I can watch ANY romcom! I'm not very good with horror most of the time. I tried to watch Nightwatch (for obvi reasons once you read my whole about me page lol), but I watched Amityville Horror just fine (it was more funny than scary actually because we watched it during class). My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock and my favorite actor (AND CELEBRITY CRUSH!) is probs Josh Brolin (he's really cute!).

My favorite shows are Daria, The Company You Keep, The Nanny, Sullivan's Crossing, Gilmore Girls, The OC, and The Young Riders! I found out about Daria when I was looking over media that has referenced The X-Files, my favorite show at the time, and I noticed something... Daria has the same name as Daria Kawashima, one of my favorite songwriters (who has wrote a bunch of stuff for Zard!)! Meanwhile, I started watching the Young Riders because one of my good friends said that he liked it back when he was in college (He's quite old hahaha!!!). Surprisingly, it had quite a following in Japan, but it was underrated compared to other shows that aired at the time like the X-Files! Anyway, I became curious about what he meant about there being a romance plot. I thought that that meant that there was damsel in distress around. It was Western-themed, what was I supposed to expect!? And then... Lou was Louise!! And I was so into that kind of plot, so I decided to start watching it!

My favorite characters are Ai Haibara of Detective Conan, Lou McCloud of The Young Riders, Maggie of Sullivan's Crossing AND Maggie of The Nanny! There's probably a whole lot more but, yeah! My favorite subjects in school are Drama and World History, while my least favorite subjects in school are US History and Pre-Calculus. I'm taking AP Statistics this year, which is a HUGE relief, although I'm struggling a bit with probability :/

Favorite Songs Sorted by Artist

Zard: Boy, Ai wa Nemutteru, Konna ni Aishitemo, Itai Kurai Kimi ga Afureteiruyo (unpopular opinion :P), Toori Nukeru Machi e, Ame ni Nurete (with WANDS, REV, ZYYG)
Bangles: Hero Takes A Fall, Be With You, I Got Nothing
WANDS: Sabishisa wa Aki no Iro, Ai wo Kataru Yori Kuchizuke wo Kawasou
REV/Masayuki Deguchi: Kiss in the Moonlight, Amai Kiss Kiss
So-Fi: Ichido Dake no Rainy Night
Seiichiro Kuribayashi: Naze, Good-bye To You
Debbie Gibson: The Body Remembers, Love in Disguise, Losin' Myself
Lea Salonga: We Could Be In Love (w/ Brad Kane), Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal, Nandito Ako
Taylor Swift: Clean, Betty, Forever and Always, Sl#t!, Long Live
Regine Velasquez: Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang, Please Be Careful With My Heart
Kylie Minogue: Vegas High, Je ne sais pas pourquoi, I Should Be So Lucky, Especially For You (w/ Jason Donovan)
Carpenters: All You Get From Love is a Love Song, Top of the World, Please Mr. Postman, Close To You
Sharon Cuneta: Mr. DJ
Nelly Furtado: Say It Right, No Hay Igual, I'm Like A Bird
Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love
Teri Desario: Yes I'm Ready (w/ KC), Overnight Success, Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
KC and the Sunshine Band: Give it Up, Don't Run (w/ Teri Desario)
Conan Gray: Astronomy, Wish You Were Sober
moonstar88: Torete, Migraine