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The Bold and The Beautiful

Airs on CBS, 12:30-1:00PM, every weekday. Where I live, it airs before The Young and The Restless, its sister show, but in most of the country, it airs after. It depicts the Forrester family and their fashion company Forrester Creations. They mostly interact with the Logan family and the Spencer family. I started watching this show during my fall break, when I had a lot of free time. With school back in session, uh, I still watch it. It's only 30min long.

Sullivan's Crossing

Originally aired on CTV in Canada. Was acquired by The CW in America. Airs at 8pm. Before watching SC, I never watched TV at 8pm, since that was when I used to get ready for bed, so I have no clue what it replaced. It is about a neurosurgeon whose reputation is down in the dumps returning to her childhood home. A cozy show about a small town. Starring Maggie Kohan as Maggie. I've never heard of her before, but I do like this work of her. Also starring Scott Patterson as Sully and Chad Michael Murray as Cal. I know both because I am a big Gilmore Girls fan, but I particularly like Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story.

Spencer Sisters

Another show that aired on CTV in Canada. Also acquired by the CW in America. Airs at 9pm, right after Sullivan's Crossing. It is about a police officer who quits her job and catches her boyfriend cheating, and as a result moves back in with her mystery writer mother, with whom she solves cases with.



Aired on NBC from 1994-2004 on Thursday at 8:30PM. It's all that's airing on Nick at Nite (as well as streaming on HBO Max). Casually watching it. I'm not as crazy about it as BnB, but it's a nice show. About 6 friends all living in the same apartment complex. Very popular.

October 11, 2023

That day's episode of the Bold and the Beautiful was honestly. So freaking cute. I don't care if you don't like the relationship between RJ and Luna, cause I'm DIGGING IT! I know that people think that they have no chemistry and they're boring, but then again I am kind of young for a BnB watcher so I probably have a much different take than other watchers when it comes to their relationship but, ugh. I LOVE THEM! And I honestly felt for Hope this episode. Imagine finding out that your dad is marrying someone that tried to kill your mom. I'd be screaming at her too!

Later in the day was the new episodes of Sullivan's Crossing and Spencer Sisters. Since Riverdale has ended, I'm definitely loving these shows. Honestly, I only watched Sullivan's Crossing cause of Scott Patterson and Chad Michael Murray (Not only I am a Gilmore Girls fan, but I am also a huge fan of the movie A Cinderella Story), but I never thought I'd be THIS invested! And, ugh, Maggie and Cal are so cute together. The part today where he brought her home was so cute, and I know that they're not gonna be together yet because Maggie still has that Andrew guy, but I can't wait!! Oh god, though, I thought Maggie would be in trouble when she called Cal "Caliente" in front of Andrew. In the words of Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place, "Holy motherforking shirt balls." And as for Spencer Sisters, it airs right after SC, so I said f-- it, let's watch this thing and it's awesome! Gosh, but if someone mistook me for my mom's sister I'd be kind of offended, cause that could possibly mean that I LOOK OLD! Either way, I really like Victoria and Darby's relationship. I think it's very realistic.

October 16, 2023

That day's episode of the Bold and the Beautiful was kinda boring, honestly. I don't know if I'm excited to learn about Luna's whole backstory, but I do like how she and RJ support each other. I'm glad that some Gen Z people are on this show, unlike... some shows (PLEASE YnR ADD MORE YOUNGER PEOPLE!!!). And I miss Steffy so much. I hope she returns next month.

October 18, 2023

It's just the morning, so I haven't watched anything but I was looking through the Wikipedia page of this year's primetime schedule, and every time I see ABC's "not returning from 2022-23 season" section, I get so sad because it could have been so popular if it had a better time slot and publicity!! I mean you got Milo Ventimiglia as the main character! We all love him!! But no one knew that it was even airing cause it aired at 10:00-11:00pm.... ON SUNDAY! Airing at 10pm is one thing, but on a SUNDAY? Really?? Who's gonna be watching TV at 10pm on a Sunday just waiting for an interesting show? NO ONE! So, we look at how the show was advertised and I don't know about you but I thought there wasn't any anticipation. After all I found out about this show at literally the second to last episode through a news article. And I would have watched it from the beginning if I knew it even existed! All of us would have! Maybe.

October 24, 2023

Forgot to update on SC and Spencer Sisters. For SC, it was pretty crazy... and I desperately need to know what happens next!! For Spencer Sisters, it was pretty crazy. Like I never trusted that Monica girl (I think her name was). Honestly it was more lighthearted than Detective Conan, which is funny. Anyway, Bold and the Beautiful... Eric is still sick. But, ugh, I can't WAIT until Steffy comes back next week! Of course, that week I'll have extra rehearsals for drama class, but at least I can see Jacqueline MacInnes Wood on TV for the first time!

Oh yeah, and I know I don't talk a lot about of Friends here, but I've been watching that a lot recently, so that's great! I really liked how Marlo Thomas played Rachel's mother, because I really like That Girl! I have a bunch of episodes recorded. I know it's really weird, but I still have cable and a DVR. Just for the stuff I can't watch otherwise. I don't have Paramount Plus, so I have to record the BnB and the YnR (just in case I wanna watch it). I also don't have Peacock, so I can't watch Days, which is kinda sad because I've been wanting to watch it. Oh, NBC!! WHYYY?!

I'm really thankful that my family has cable AND a DVR, because I'm a soap lover, but also an American high schooler. It's not like I can just go home midday to watch it. I know that I can get the CW and CBS and stuff without cable, but we don't have an antenna so it's either cable or nothing.

October 27, 2023

Okay, I am literally so happy that Frank isn't dead and Chelsea was found and they arrested those douches who kidnapped her. In Sullivan's Crossing. And I'm really curious on how they're gonna make Maggie break up with her boyfriend in the future. As for Spencer Sisters, they were funny as always. But that MONEY acronym went hard.