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Hello, everyone! Although it is not my real name, you can call me Adelina. I will be writing whatever I want here... mainly out of character Daria fanfiction. I might start writing about The Nanny. I am also a fan of The Bangles and other pop bands as well, so the song choice in my fics will be a little... weird. In fact, this site was kinda supposed to be a Bangles fansite, but it ended up being a Daria fanfiction site. To make up for it, here are some gifs I made of the Bangles :P

Check out my television diary! Covering CBS daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful" and The CW's newly acquired programming "Sullivan's Crossing" and "Spencer Sisters". Unfortunately I don't have time to keep up with "The Young and the Restless" so I will NOT be covering that.

Quick note, I also post my fanfiction on the Lawndale High School forum and AO3 (As Adelina/StellarAliceLove)!

Currently writing a fanfiction of Jimmy and Lou from The Young Riders, but I will not be writing it as a serial for your sanity.

The woman on the very right picture is Medicine vocalist Annette Zilinskas, who is a founding member of The Bangles and has joined back into the band recently! :)

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Name: Adelina Peterson (not my real name!)
Grade: 12th Grade
Location: Slacker Town, Procrasti-Nation
Favorite Artists: The Bangles
Current Favorite Show: The Nanny
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Fanfiction Hub

Change of plans, because I've got other ideas for the summer writing plan. I'll try to write a one-shot or something. I dunno.


Putting this here because I have some one-shots planned. You know, for after I finish my missing work for AP US History.

Felicity Series

A Gilmore Girls-inspired fic series centered on life of Daria in her mid-thirties with her 16-year-old daughter Felicity, who was born during her years at Raft College before moving to the Upper West Side of New York. Felicity, affectionately called Lissy by her mother and other family, struggles to fit in with the cool, fabulous overachievers in Hartley Wallace High School, but with her best friends Gigi and Mal by her side, all would be fine. And just a small, teensy warning that all my knowledge of New York comes from Gossip Girl and the movie Set It Up, so there may be heavy inaccuracies. I live in California, for eff's sake! I will also be posting each episode on the forum Lawndale High School under the thread "My Daughter, Felicity", so make sure you see it there as well, because it has better formatting there! Although, updates there will take a little longer because sometimes I finish these chapters during school, and Proboards is blocked on my school computer.

Original Pilot Episode - Miss Rebel
Revised Pilot Episode, 'Miss Rebel' + The Entire Felicity Series on Lawndale-High forum

Note that this fanfiction isn't REALLY a pilot because no one would actually put that much licensed songs in a dang PILOT! Also, I know that the entire thing sounds like a huge joke, especially with the sheer amount of pop music in it, but this is my very first Daria fic, so please be nice when giving criticism.

Anyway, below are the actual "episodes"!

Episode 1: Odd Girl

Felicity has her first day at Hartley Wallace Preparatory High School, the prestigious school, on a full scholarship. Daria worries about her daughter’s status since she’s so different from everyone else.

Episode 2: Best Friends Forever

Felicity gets invited to a school house party. Gigi and Mal hang out with Daria and Jane.

Daria and Quinn's San Diego Summer Break

There She Goes

Quinn quickly develops a crush on Jane, who she meets during summer break.

Part 1


Marmalade Girl: If Daria was a shojo manga

I write about the conditions the show would be in if Daria would be in a shojo manga. Thankfully not in Ribon. Includes a proposed TV edit of "Nothin' Gonna Stop My Love" by Daria Kawashima!!

About A Certain Daria

An essay appreciating Daria Kawashima for the most part.

Fun Things!

The Parallels of Two Ships

Includes spoilers from Detective Conan movie 26: Kurogane no Submarine/Black Iron Submarine.